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2023 Awards Event Winners

2023 WACYCP Youth Work Awards WINNER Listing 23rd Annual Event 

Youth Care Worker of the Year: Working with Youth Aged 6 to 18

  • 2nd runner up: Hakeem Thorton, Norris- Rivers Edge Campus
  • 1st runner up: Imani Raiyne, Childrens WI Foster Parent/Kreative Fruitz
  • WINNER: Madsyen Genzmer, Lad Lake

Youth Work Newcomer of the Year

  • 2nd runner up: Dylan Notter, Norris- River Bend Place
  • 1st runner up: Roosevelt Jacobs, Lad Lake
  • WINNER: Cleveland Easley, Neu-Life Community Development

Youth Work Supervisor of the Year

  • WINNER: Brittany Watkins, Norris River Bend Place

Youth Work Dedication Award

  • 2nd Runner up: Lawanda Cutwright, Lad Lake
  • 1st Runner up: Austin Melka, Norris- River Edge Campus
  • WINNER: Lawrence Harris, Hopgood Youth Home

Overall Winner - Youth Care Worker of the Year for Wisconsin

WINNER:  Imani Raiyne Moore, Kreative Frutiz

Program/Agency of the Year to be Honored:

WINNER:  Norris, Inc


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