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At Large

Angela has worked as an associate outreach specialist in Human Services since last November, providing project leadership for pilot programs designed for youth work professionals, sponsored by a federal Title IV-E grant. Specifically, Angela assists Mary Pick, program manager of Human Services, pinpoint then develop potential online programs.

Angela’s role is to lead outreach efforts for agencies that provide out-of-home care for youth via market research, calls, and agency visits. She proposes and develops ways to engage community agency partners that are well suited for new program development initiatives at the School. Angela also is in the process of developing engagement programs for youth workers employed in group home settings.

She represents the YWLC-Human Services at community coalition meetings, leading outreach efforts via market research, interviews and focus groups, and then summarizes the results.
Angela also is actively involved as a liaison between YWLC-Human Services and several child-youth well being entities in metro Milwaukee and Wisconsin. She represents the department at national conferences such as National Pathways to Adulthood in Philadelphia, PA.

Angela has successfully completed the Train the Trainer program and anticipates becoming a Master Trainer this year.

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